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Copyright 2006 Carl Thompson

This site is best viewed with any standards compliant browser that supports cascading style sheets, JavaScript and inline frames. However, the site should still be fully usable by browsers without them-- it just won't look as good. Just about any current browser will do quite nicely.

This site has been tested on the following browsers:

  • Mozilla as well as browsers based on Mozilla such as Netscape 7 or Firebird all work perfectly with this site.
  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 also works correctly as does IE5.
  • Opera 7 works fine but Opera 6 does not seem to like my JavaScript so rollover menu effects and content resizing do not work.
  • Microsoft's MSN TV (WebTV) works surprisingly well. It even supports some of the sites inline frames (but doesn't failover gracefully for the others).
  • KDE's Konqueror web browser works well despite having some issues with complex table layouts.
  • Netscape's older Navigator 4.x and Communicator 4.x series work passibly but do not look as good as the the other browsers.
  • Text mode browsers are usable, though those that support tables such as Elinks work much better than those that don't.
  • PDA browsers should work OK, but you'll want to use the lite version of the site.

If you have a problem viewing this site please contact me so that I may try to fix it.

This site is based on my Carl's Web Content Management System which will be available here shortly. Carl's Web Content Management System is a small and extremely easy to use content management system that uses PHP and any SQL database. Carl's Web Content Management System is designed specifically for organizations and individuals who want a fast and painless way to have a robust, polished and modern web presence without the expense of hiring a team of web site designers and administrators. Carl's Web Content Management System really is so easy to use that anyone can do it themselves.

This site incorporates applications from The Horde Project, a suite of tightly integrated and well designed web applications using PHP and MySQL. The applications of The Horde Project are freely available primarily under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The back-end for this site is written primarily in PHP, a fast, robust and full-featured web site scripting language freely available under the PHP License.

Most of the content on this site is stored using the MySQL Database Server, a very fast and robust SQL database freely available under the GNU General Public License.

This site is served by the Apache HTTP Server, a high performance and full-featured web server that sets the standard for web servers. Apache serves a large portion of the world's web pages and is freely available under the Apache Software License.

This site runs on SuSE Linux, a complete, easy to install and use general-purpose Linux based operating system well suited for any type of server or desktop use. SuSE Linux is an aggregation of many individual software applications, libraries and utilities freely available under various licenses.

All names on this page and throughout this site are trademarks of their respective owners.

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