Software Projects

Here you will find some software that I have written

Carl's CMS     Carl's CMS is a Web Content Management System designed to make it very easy for people who are not computer professionals to create, edit and maintain attractive and consistent web sites. Carl's CMS is designed for businesses and individuals who wish to create a normal informational web site and is not an online portal, blog or catalog system. This web site itself is edited and displayed using Carl's CMS.
CPUSpeed     CPUFreq is a Linux kernel subsystem which allows the clock speed of mobile CPUs (most often found in laptop computers) to be explicitly set. CPUSpeed dynamically controls CPUFreq, slowing down the CPU to conserve power and reduce heat when the system is idle, on battery power or overheating, and speeding up the CPU when the system is busy and more processing power is needed. Using CPUSpeed can significantly increase a laptop computer's battery life and significantly reduce the heat it generates while still allowing your system to perform at top speed when you need it.
mp3bad     mp3bad is a little utility for Linux / Unix which will quickly "listen" to your MP3 collection for you and tell you which ones appear to be cut off in the middle or otherwise corrupted. If you have a lot of MP3s and want to know which ones are bad without having to listen to each one yourself then you will want this program.
FLTK     The Fast Light Toolkit is a cross-platform C++ graphical user interface developement library. FLTK allows developers to quickly create small and efficient GUI applications with a minimum of time and effort. FLTK can be used natively on Linux / Unix, Windows, MacOS and OS/2. I am one of the core developers of FLTK, though I haven't done much with it recently. Here you will find miscellaneous pages related to my FLTK work.